About Emily

I am running for State Assembly as a mental health professional, business owner, community leader, and parent. At my core, I am an independent thinker, solution focused, and an authentic leader. I am someone who brings people together and gets things done.  You can count on me to bring these qualities when representing the people in the heart of Wisconsin.

As a counselor, I work with people to process the pain they have gone through or are going through. I am honored to do this work - that people let me in when they are most vulnerable. People are impacted by child and domestic abuse as well as alcohol and drug abuse, and I want to create policies that address these issues. I also practice listening to understand; this trait is needed from our leaders.

Owning my own business has taught me how to be creative and use critical thinking skills. I also know how difficult it has been owning a business during the current public health crisis. I had to completely reorganize my practice in order to continue to serve my clients; and things continue to change during these challenging times. I need to be responsive and flexible in how I can best meet my clients’ needs and how I can keep my business sustainable. Elected leaders need these same skills to best serve their constituents.

Being a community advocate has taught me that there is real power in people coming together. People want to be involved with their community, and most people want to know their neighbors. Sometimes it just takes a leader to make that happen. I have been that leader. Communication and building bridges are a huge part of this work.

Serving as a local elected official has taught me how to do government work in a nonpartisan manner. It is the government's job to serve the people and it is essential that the government works toward the common good. Being an elected official has also taught me how I can best advocate for my constituents. I pay attention to what impacts my constituents and I communicate these issues. I take the job of "representative" very seriously and I will continue to do so as a State Assembly representative.

Finally, being a parent has also taught me how essential community is. We need strong communities that we can lean into as parents, grandparents, and caregivers. Families are the foundation of our communities - when we have strong, healthy families, we have strong, healthy communities.

We want solutions so we can move forward. People want affordable and accessible healthcare, including mental health care. We want investments in our communities such as reliable internet access, safe roads, and quality education. We want clean air and water so we can enjoy it for years to come. We want equal rights for all because we are communities who care for our neighbors. And we want to create an economy that works for all of us.

People are tired of the fighting and the gridlock in Madison. We need leaders who practice collaborative leadership, work for solutions, and get things done. I am that person. I will work for you, for us, for our families, our livelihoods. We deserve a true representative; one who will not only sit down and listen but who will also stand up for you, for us.